Beatrice Gibson


Beatrice Gibson (b.1978) is an artist and filmaker based in London. Her films are often improvized in nature, exploring the pull between chaos and control in the process of their own making. Drawing on figures from experimental modernist composition and experimental literature - such as Cornelius Cardew, Robert Ashley to Gertrude Stein - her films are often participatory, incorporating co-creative and collaborative processes and ideas.

Gibson is twice winner of The Tiger Award for best short film at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and winner of the 2015 Baloise Art Prize, Art Basel. In 2013 she was nominated for both the Jarman Award for Artists Film and The Max Mara Whitechapel Prize for Women artists. She is currently working on two new films co-commissioned by KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Borealis – A Festival for Experimental Music. The first one, with and about two contemporary American poets, Eileen Myles and CAConrad and the second, an adaptation of an 1929 Gertrude Stein script, 'Deux Soeurs Qui Ne Sont Pas Soeurs' .

Gibson's films are distributed by LUX, London and Argos, Brussels.